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  • Don’t cut throat

  • When field dressing, stop at first rib

  • Don’t put hide in plastic bag.  The bag will trap heat.

  • Avoid direct sunlight.  Cool shade is best.

  • Wipe any blood with dry cloth.

  • If temperature is above 50 degrees, try to get to the taxidermist as soon as possible.

  • Give the taxidermist more hide than you think he needs.  He can cut off any excess.

  • Keep blood off feathers.  Stuff tissue in mouth to stop blood.

  • Do not wring neck.  Apply pressure on rib case under wings to suffocate.

  • Freeze as soon as possible in plastic bag.

Big Game Heads

  • Handle gently, avoid bruising, scale loss and fin damage.

  • Do not clean or gut fish.

  • Wash with cold water, wrap with damp towel, and place in plastic bag.

  • Lay the fish straight  and flat and freeze immediately.


The quality of any taxidermy mount starts with how the animal is cared for in the field. The following tips are just guidelines.  If you are unsure of proper field care, call Dave before you leave for your hunt for recommendations based on your specific condition. Dave can be reached at (308) 856-8692 (shop) or (308) 233-4498 (cell).

Great taxidermy begins in the field...